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Description[edit source | hide]

Used to format information on card pages

Usage[edit source | hide]

{{Card info
|releaseDate=YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS

Paraneters[edit source | hide]

  • name - Defaults to Card info. Do not change unless the page name does not match the card's name (e.g. disambigutation)
  • image1|2|3 - File name of the where the card goes.
    • For SSR/SRs, this should be:
|image1={{PAGENAME}} Base.webm
|image2={{PAGENAME}} Evolve 1.webm
|image3={{PAGENAME}} Evolve 2.webm
    • For Rs, they won't have an image3 and the file extension should be .png (as R cards are not animated).
  • cardName - The name of the card without the character or quotation marks (e.g. Luke "Alluring Gaze" would be Alluring Gaze for this field).
  • character - The full name of the character featured in the card (e.g. Luke Pearce)
  • rarity - SSR / SR / MR / R
  • attribute - Logic / Intuition / Empathy
  • maxPower|Influence|Defense - The max stats of the card. This can be viewed from the in-game Archive if you own the card.
  • obtain - How to obtain the card. By default, this should be Shadows of Themis if the card comes from the gacha.
  • skill1|2|3 - Just the name of the card's skill. If the skill page and information exists, it will automatically pull the skill detail information.
  • releaseDate - The exact time the card was released (UTC+9 timezone) in YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss format.
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