Main Story 07-02

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Alarms suddenly fill the halls of the base. A thief has attempted to break in.
  • Stage Cost: AP icon.png AP x10
  • First Clear Rewards: Btn money s.pngS-Chip x40

  • Attribute: Intuition card type icon Intuition
  • Recommended Power: 91189

Stage Drops

Btn coin s.pngStellin x800 (100%)

Stage Details

  • Enemy Name: Thief
  • Turn Limit: 20 turns

Wave 1

Logic card type icon
"Just give it to me, see it as helping the poor."
HP: 19200
ATK: 905
DEF: 15000
Empathy card type icon
"Look at the glamorous villa you live in already. You can easily do without something so small!"
HP: 19200
ATK: 905
DEF: 15000
Logic card type icon
"It's just something cheap, why are you so stingy."
HP: 19200
ATK: 905
DEF: 15000

Wave 2

Intuition card type icon
"What proof do you have for calling me a thief!?"
HP: 63900
ATK: 905
DEF: 15000

Player Counterarguments

These phrases are triggered when a player uses a card. The phrase depends on the attribute of the card selected.

Logic card type icon The CCTV is still active. How about we check it out?

Logic card type icon Thieving is unforgivable. I shall hold you accountable.

Logic card type icon If you keep weaseling, be prepared to face legal consequences.

Empathy card type icon Being poor is not a reason to break the law!

Empathy card type icon I'll let you explain yourself to the police.

Intuition card type icon Such unreasonable harassment. Are you feeling guilty?

Intuition card type icon Just admit that you tried to steal it!

Debate Stage/Opponent

NXX Headquarters
(Debate Stage)
NXX Headquarters.png

Boss 5 character icon.png