Blizzardous Threads of Red Side Story 2-1: Inextinguishable

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  • Stage Cost: None
  • First Clear Rewards: Astral Memory icon.pngAstral Memory x30


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Inextinguishable (1/4) - Villa Hall
Blizzard Villa
Villa Hall
Blizzard Villa - Indoors (Lit).png

Casey Cao is looking around in the hall, as if she's waiting for someone. Go ask her.

Casey Cao: You're back? I've been waiting for you for ages!

Casey Cao: The snow water is already ready. We must hurry on to the next step.

You: What's the next step?

Casey Cao: The next step is to find a candle with an eternal flame.

You: Eh?

Casey Cao: When Lady Qingnu was still here, she would light up a candle if the snow beast didn't come home after playing outside.

Casey Cao: The flames of that candle never went out, even in the snow.

Casey Cao: So, when the snow beast saw the candle, it would know that Lady Qingnu was calling it home.

You: (Ms. Cao knows the legends of Lady Qingnu in great detail...)

You: (But does a candle with an eternal flame even exist?)

You: It has to be a candle with an eternal flame?

Casey Cao: Of course!

You: Ms. Cao, have you considered... that a candle with an eternal flame might not exist?

Casey Cao: No way! Lady Qingnu said it must exist, so it does exist! Don't try to fool me with nonsense.

Casey Cao: Hurry up and find it. I still need to figure out what to do next.

You: ...

You: Okay, I'll try to find it.

Inextinguishable (2/4) - Villa Side Hall
Blizzard Villa
Villa Side Hall
Blizzard Villa - Villa Side Hall RPG map.png

Go to the Villa Side Hall to see if there is anything that can be used as a candle with an eternal flame.

You: Is there anything in here related to a candle?

You: What about that floor lamp? It will stay on as long as there's electricity.

You: No... The shape is too different from a candle, and it's inconvenient to take with me.


You: There's nothing here. Let's try another place.

Inextinguishable (3/4) - Villa Side Hall

Continue searching in the Villa Side Hall for anything that can be used as a candle with an eternal flame.

You: There seem to be many books on this shelf...

You: I wonder if these books can give me any inspiration. I'll just read one at random.

The Three Teachings

You: A common educational book on ancient texts...

100 Ghosts of the River-Mountains

You: I didn't know there are so many strange creatures in the legends...

You: Is there anything about the snow beast?

Meng Xiangzi

You: Why does this story feel familiar?

You: Isn't this the legend of Lady Qingnu!?

As you are about to reach for the book, you catch a glimpse of the corner of the shelf...

You: What is this?

You feel around the corner and find a long cylindrical object.

You: A candle made of plastic? And a candlewick?

You: That means...

You find a switch at the bottom of the candle, and the tip of the candle lights up.

You: It looks like a candle bookmark in case of a power outage.

You: Great, this is a candle with an eternal flame! I should show it to her.

Inextinguishable (4/4) - Villa Hall

Return to the Villa Hall and give Casey Cao the candle with an eternal flame.

You: Ms. Cao, take a look. Is this the candle that you spoke of?

Ms. Cao flips the switch at the bottom of the candle and looks at it, falling deep in thought.

Casey Cao: ...

Casey Cao: It's not quite what I expected, but... nothing wrong with that.

Casey Cao: It's a candle and it never goes out. Yes, this is it!

Casey Cao: I didn't expect a city girl like you to be so capable.

Casey Cao: I'll keep this candle for now. Come back later. I have to think about the last step.

You: (It's finally the last step.)

Casey Cao: Keep it up. The snow beast will forgive us with this final step.

Casey Cao: After the worship ritual is complete, we can all go home... God bless...

Casey Cao clasps her hands together and begins muttering to herself again.

You: (Looks like... she won't be talking to me anytime soon.)

You: (I'll talk to her again later...)



Casey Cao

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