Special Calls 2024

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  • From 2024/2/9 11:00 - 2/14 23:59 (UTC+9), log in to receive voice calls from the male leads.

Voice Calls[edit | edit source]

Luke[edit | edit source]

Phone voice call icon.png
Voice Call
Fireworks Show
(Timed - Feb 9 2024)
Voice Call script

Luke: Hello? Is this Luke's Miss Watson? This is Peanut! Luke asked me to apologize to you on his behalf.

Luke: He didn't know how popular the fireworks would be and missed out on the chance to buy the most popular one. He only managed to get the second most popular firework.

Luke: He wants me to ask you if you can forgive him and go to the Spring Festival fireworks show with him.

Luke: ...Okay, okay, stop laughing. I can't do it anymore.

Luke: Actually, I came up with an elaborate plan to put together the most spectacular fireworks show for you tonight!

Luke: Who knew that the main rainbow fireworks used in the show would be so popular? They sold out instantly!

Luke: Well, I guess I can't leave my Lady Luck behind and go by myself.

Luke: But rest assured, I'll adjust the plan ASAP to ensure you experience the best fireworks show tonight!

Luke: To be honest... I've been looking forward to setting off fireworks with you since I was a kid. This time, we're going to have a blast!

Luke: And we can come up with something new for all the Spring Festivals in the future...

Luke: I'll prepare the most brilliant and wonderful experience for you.

Luke: Anyway, there's one last thing I need to get ready. I'll come pick you up afterward. See you later!

Artem[edit | edit source]

Phone voice call icon.png
Voice Call
Escape Plan
(Timed - Feb 9 2024)
Voice Call script

Artem: Hello? It's me, Artem. How are things on your end? Ready to head out?

Artem: No need to rush - take it slow. There's plenty of time.

Artem: Hmm... the cold dishes are done. I'm preparing the ingredients for the hot dishes. When you get here, we will have a delicious reunion dinner.

Artem: Oh, and some relatives are coming over today. They know you'll be coming for Spring Festival, and several of them have gifts.

Artem: Don't be nervous. You only need to be yourself.

Artem: And my mother... has already told them about you. I'm sure they will love you.

Artem: ...In the worst case scenario, we... can sneak out after the meal.

Artem: Ahem... does that sound childish? Actually, I've thought about it for a long time.

Artem: Although it's customary to be with family during the Spring Festival, we two... count as a family too, no?

Artem: Yeah... after the reunion dinner, we can stay up late, have time to ourselves, and celebrate in our own way.

Artem: Don't worry - it's okay to be selfish once in a while. Well, I'm looking forward to our time alone tonight...

Artem: Yes, it's almost time. When you're ready, I'll come pick you up. See you later.

Vyn[edit | edit source]

Phone voice call icon.png
Voice Call
Festive Shopping Street
(Timed - Feb 9 2024)
Voice Call script

Vyn: Hello? Can you hear me? It is me... Vyn. Happy Spring Festival.

Vyn: I am at a shop for Spring Festival goods, picking out ingredients for tea. So... it might be rather noisy.

Vyn: ...Well, I was thinking of making new refreshments with you tonight when we stay up.

Vyn: Worry not - I already did my research on the recipes beforehand. It is sure to taste good, even if we get a little creative.

Vyn: Now that I selected the ingredients, I will send them over soon. However... I have suddenly come up with a new plan.

Vyn: I was passing by a booth filled with couplets earlier, and I met a pair of newlyweds.

Vyn: They spent a long time happily discussing which couplets to get for their new house because of the wide selection.

Vyn: So I thought I should also purchase some, then discuss which couplets would be best with you.

Vyn: Anything you have the sudden urge to buy, I will check out. Anything I have not seen before, you explain to me...

Vyn: That is the kind of warmth one feels in a happy family when shopping for the Spring Festival, right?

Vyn: All right, I need to head to the register to pay for the ingredients now.

Vyn: As for the various Spring Festival decorations... I will pick you up later, and we can choose them together.

Marius[edit | edit source]

Phone voice call icon.png
Voice Call
Festival Gala
(Timed - Feb 9 2024)
Voice Call script

Marius: Hello, this is Marius! Press 1 to hear a "peace and happiness" blessing. Press 2 to hear a "good fortune" blessing.

Marius: Miss, which blessing would you like to receive From Marius? Don't laugh-this is a very important multiple-choice question!

Marius: As a contented adult, you should choose "all of the above!"

Marius: Hahaha, that's not being greedy. After all, it's the Spring Festival, where you can wish for whatever your heart desires.

Marius: Now then, I wish you peace and happiness, as well as good fortune! May everything work out for you in the new year!

Marius: Eh? "That's it for this year"? No way! Trust me, the best has yet to come.

Marius: For example, would you like to... attend the Spring Festival Gala with me?

Marius: Eh?! Is that too sudden? Well, to tell you the truth, the gala this year... was sponsored by Pax.

Marius: In addition to the original program, I've put together some exclusive content that you'll love. Prepared to be dazzled!

Marius: ...Hmm? You want to see me perform? That's... not out of the realm of possibility, but let's save that for when we're alone.

Marius: Okay, get yourself ready. I'll come pick you up in a bit to take you to the live venue.

Marius: Hmm... let me see... Let's say ten minutes. See you in ten minutes! Look forward to tonight!