Artem's Sweet Chapter 02-02

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Turbulence in Stellis I: Artem's Living Room
Artem's Residence
Artem's Residence 1F
Artem's Residence - Downstairs (Day).png

Go to the living room and check out the content of the article.

Realizing the complexity of the matter, you and Artem head to the living room and project the article on the screen.

You: "Lamont Russo, a professor of law at Stellis University, has been engaged in various illegal activities for a long time..."

You: "...He exploited students and stole their research, as well as engaged in illegal activities, falsified evidence, and took bribes."

The more you read the article, the more you are surprised, not only by the outrageous behavior mentioned in the article, but also by the fact that...

You: Professor Russo... taught me criminal law.

Looking at Artem with your mouth wide open in shock, you notice him frowning, looking at the screen with a serious expression.

You: Artem?

Artem: Professor Russo has taught criminal law at Stellis University for a long time. He was my criminal law professor when I was an undergraduate too.

You: (Oh right, Artem isn't that much older than me, so it's no wonder that Professor Russo taught both of us...)

You: (Artem has always had great respect for his professors. He must be concerned to see a former professor involved in a scandal.)

You: I remember Professor Russo was serious and had strict expectations for himself, as well as others. What was your impression of him?

Artem: Professor Russo studied criminal law for many years, so he's knowledgeable. But I can't attest to his... personal morals.

You and Artem carefully read the article, which has already been circulated like crazy in the Stellis judicial community.

The article begins with various chat logs showing a student writing a research report for Professor Russo.

Then, it lists several cases in which Professor Russo acted as a criminal defense lawyer, and suggested that the sentences for these cases were suspected of being too lenient.

Finally, the article implies that Stellis University and its judicial community are covering for Professor Russo.

You: The article, while convincing, does not provide valid direct evidence, which means there is a need for a thorough investigation to uncover the truth.

Artem: Given the sensitivity and reach of the topic, Stellis University must have alrady launched an investigation.

In the middle of the discussion, your phone, which was on the table, suddenly vibrates.

Turbulence in Stellis II: Artem's Living Room
Artem's Residence
Artem's Living Room
Stellis - Artem's Residence 1F RPG Map.png

Check the phone messages.

The screen lights up, reminding you of something on your to-do list for today.

You: It seems I need to make a trip to Stellis University today.

Artem: What for?

You: I borrowed two law books from your mother. Today's the day I'm supposed to return them.

You look at the time. If you leave now, you can buy ingredients for lunch on the way home.

You: I'm gonna head out now. Message me what ingredients you're missing for lunch, if any. I'll buy them on my way home.

Artem looks at the stack of papers on the table. Then, he stands up and puts on his suit jacket.

Artem: Let's go together. I have something to return as well.

Artem: Mother will be happy to see you.

Sharing Experiences I: West Hemingway Heights Street
Stellis Hemingway Heights
West Hemingway Heights Street
Stellis - Hemingway RPG Map.png

You found something on the way to Stellis University.

After parking the car, Artem takes the books in your hands and walks with you.

Passing by the subway near the university, you notice something unusual.

People walk back and forth, looking at the flyers in their hands with serious expressions.

You: Is there something special happening today?

Artem: I'll go get a flyer.

As a rule of thumb, flyers passed out so wantonly must originate from a single place.

You: I'll go with you.

Sharing Experiences II: West Hemingway Heights Street

Check if anyone has left fliers on the side of the road.

You and Artem stand in front of a trash can, a stack of flyers lying on it.

It seems this is where the flyers were carelessly discarded.

Artem takes a flyer, and you move beside him to read it.

You: Could... could this be...?

Artem: It's the same article we read but formatted in a different way.

You look up at the passersby with flyers, most of them dressed as students.

You: I think they're all students of Stellis University.

You: Posting an article online, and distributing flyers at Stellis University...

You: The author of the article seems to think... the bigger the fuss, the better.

You: What are they trying to achieve by swaying public opinion?

Artem: Perhaps... they just need this much public attention.

Artem's grip tightens on the flyer, his expression looking gloomier.

You: What's on your mind?

Artem: It's just a baseless hypothesis... Maybe Professor Russo...

There is a chilling possibility lurking in Artem's voice that you can't bear to contemplate.

You: Let's ask Auntie when we see her. Maybe she knows something.

Artem: Yes.

You look at the people with flyers on the street.

You: However, since we're here, why don't we ask the passersby what they know?

You: They might know something about where the flyers came from.

Artem: That works.

Sharing Experiences III: West Hemingway Heights Street

Look for the source of the fliers.

You walk over to a young man who is staring intently at a flyer.

You: Hello, may I ask where you got the flyer in your hand?

College Student: Oh, this? I got it from the university... Don't you guys have one too?

You: Are you a student at Stellis University?

College Student: Yeah, I grabbed one of the flyers in the cafeteria and ended up taking it with me...

He stares at the flyer in Artem's hands, as if finding an ally, and moves closer.

College Student: I think there's a good chance it's true!

College Student: The author probably felt like they had no other choice. After all, nothing good comes out of reporting a professor.

College Student: Nobody would risk going to jail over a rumor...

Artem: Do the other students around you also see it that way?

College Student: Yes, my classmates are all posting it online, demanding the school give an explanation to the student in the article.

With that said, he looks at the time on his phone.

College Student: I need to catch the subway. Got to go.

Artem: Wait... do you know the student in the article who was exploited?

College Student: I don't know... I'm not a law student...

Artem: I see, thank you. You better go then.

You: (It seems... Artem is concerned about this...)

You: Do you know any of Professor Russo's students?

Artem folds the flyer as it starts to rustle from the wind, his eyes growing serious.

Artem: I know of one. Hopefully... hmm...

Artem's eyes look gloomy, like the bottom of a dark lake, and the complex emotions in his eyes are hard to decipher.

You: (A former professor versus a student he knows...)

You: Hopefully, these are just rumors...

Having said that, your heart feels uneasy.

Without showing any other emotion, Artem walks with you in silence toward the entrance of Stellis University...