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The following is the Wiki's financial information (donations, expenses, etc.) to provide full transparency into the Wiki's usage of money. All funds are sent directly to Elaeagnifolia, and any financial questions should be directed to them.

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Changelog[edit source]

  • [Dec. 15, 2023] - Upgraded server specs.
  • [Dec. 08, 2022] - Added initial server cost breakdown.

Cost Breakdown[edit source]

This is the general breakdown of the Wiki infrastructure expenses, not inclusive of taxes (8.25%) or any overage fees. All servers are currently hosted with DigitalOcean.

Item Description Cost
Application Server
Heart of the stack. Houses MediaWiki, NGINX, Memcached, etc.

2vCPUs / 2GB Memory / 50GB Disk / SFO3 (San Francisco)

$18 / monthly
Domain name the Wiki uses. May fluctuate depending on domain name registrar (Namecheap). $27.16 / yearly
Backups Cost of snapshots ($0.05/GB based on snapshot size) and backups of the servers, database, etc.

Backups are done weekly and saved for a month.

~$2.40 / monthly