Villa Rooms: Mr. Jiang

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Mr. Jiang's words alone could not determine the source of the ledger. It is better to keep it with you just in case.
  • Stage Cost: None
  • First Clear Rewards: None

  • Attribute: Logic card type icon Logic
  • Recommended Power: 23961


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Lixia Pavilion (Before obtaining Account Book)
Blizzard Villa

Blizzard Villa - Guest Room.png

Mr. Jiang: Ahem, did you want something from me?

You: Mr. Jiang, what are you doing?

Mr. Jiang: I'm making tea. Do you want some? These tea leaves are a local specialty.

You: The tea set looks special, simple and elegant.

Mr. Jiang: You have a good eye. Mr. Nolan Zeng gave this to my family.

You: Oh, so your family is on good terms with the Zeng family.

Mr. Jiang: Haha, I guess so. The Zeng family would always give us things.

Mr. Jiang: The locals in Yuchen Town are more or less indebted to their family.

Mr. Jiang: Come, the tea is almost done. Care for a cup?

You: I'll pass. You go on ahead. I still have matters to attend to.

Mr. Jiang: Hey, a cup of hot tea is perfect for a snowy day like this. You need to enjoy life!

You: Next time, next time.

Lixia Pavilion (After obtaining Account Book)
Blizzard Villa

Blizzard Villa - Guest Room.png

Mr. Jiang: Ahem, did you want something from me?

You: Mr. Jiang, does your family have any business dealings with the Zeng family?

Mr. Jiang listens to your words and thinks for a moment before nodding.

Mr. Jiang: I guess so. Many people in Yuchen Town do business with the Zeng Family.

Without saying anything, Artem takes out the account book that you both found.

As soon as Mr. Jiang sees it, he is so shocked that he jumps to his feet.

Mr. Jiang: Hey, isn't that account book mine?

You: Mr. Jiang, have you seen this before?

Mr. Jiang: Yeah, I have the same one at home.

He inspects it closer, then shakes his head.

Mr. Jiang: But I don't think it's the same one. The one at home is much older than this one...

Mr. Jiang: So, this must be the account book from my family's business with Mr. Nolan Zeng.

He flips through a few pages, taking a quick look at it.

Mr. Jiang: It is! My father said Mr. Nolan Zeng always looked after our business when he was still alive...

Mr. Jiang: So he wasn't boasting...

Mr. Jiang: I can't believe his family still has this account book.

You: Looking at the records, the transactions between your families continued for many years.

You: The Zeng family deals in antiques... Is it possible that your family also had treasures or antiques?

Mr. Jiang: You're overthinking it. Our family doesn't have any antiques.

Mr. Jiang: It's like this, Mr. Nolan Zeng loves the walnuts that our family plants.

Mr. Jiang: So every year, when the walnuts were harvested, my family always sent the freshest and best walnuts to his house...

Mr. Jiang: The number recorded in the account book is the number of walnuts every harvest.

You: I see...

Mr. Jiang: Mr. Nolan Zeng was a good man. He rarely appeared, but always took care of my family...

Mr. Jiang: The people of Yuchen Town are indebted to him.

With that said, Mr. Jiang can't help but recall the past.

Mr. Jiang: Even the path you took to reach this villa was built by Mr. Nolan Zeng. Otherwise, how could there be such a great road?

Artem, who has been silently flipping through the account book, suddenly speaks.

Artem: So the Zeng family should know a lot about the mountains?

Mr. Jiang: Yeah, they've lived here for a long time, so they must know a lot.

Mr. Jiang: But not nearly as well as those who grew up here.

Artem: ...

Artem nods, still deep in thought. Mr. Jiang looks at you, and then at Artem, hesitating.

Mr. Jiang: Are you done? Can I make a request?

Mr. Jiang: Can I have that account book? It's newer than the one I have, and it's a perfect match.

You: Ahh, but isn't it just an ordinary account book?

Mr. Jiang: Ahaha, I want to keep it as a souvenir. Some of the Zeng family's fortune might rub off on us.

Artem: Sorry, Mr. Jiang. We still need to keep the account book for now.

Mr. Jiang: Oh? Why is that?


Mr. Jiang: *sigh* I can't persuade you, can I...

You: Sorry, Mr. Jiang.

You: At this time, we cannot confirm whether this account book is related to the events at the villa.

You: I will return it to you after we contact the police and check with them... Is that okay?

Mr. Jiang: I guess. Do whatever you want.

Mr. Jiang waves his hand and sighs, reluctantly making a compromise.


Debate Details

  • Enemy Name: Mr. Jiang
  • Turn Limit: 15 turns

Wave 1

Logic card type icon
"This ledger is useless in your hands!"
HP: 1400
ATK: 291
DEF: 7500
Empathy card type icon
"Someone help! I'm being bullied!"
HP: 1400
ATK: 291
DEF: 7500
Intuition card type icon
"What do you want with someone else's ledger?!"
HP: 1400
ATK: 291
DEF: 7500

Wave 2

Logic card type icon
"My name is written on it, so it's mine!"
HP: 9800
ATK: 291
DEF: 7500

Layer by Layer icon.png
Layer by Layer
Boosts your Influence by 20% for 3 turns (CD: 3 turns)
Feigning Defeat icon.png
Feigning Defeat
Boosts your Defense by 20% for 3 turns (CD: 3 turns)

Player Counterarguments

These phrases are triggered when a player uses a card. The phrase depends on the attribute of the card selected.

Empathy card type icon That is just your side of the story!

Intuition card type icon We found it, so we should be the ones to keep it!

Logic card type icon Ruining someone's reputation is illegal!

Intuition card type icon The truth requires further investigation!