Villa Rooms: Casey Cao

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Casey Cao believes the luminous pearl is worth a ton of money and wants it for herself!
  • Stage Cost: None
  • First Clear Rewards: None

  • Attribute: Empathy card type icon Empathy
  • Recommended Power: 23961


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Lidong Study (Before obtaining Luminous Pearl)
Blizzard Villa

Blizzard Villa - Guest Room.png

Casey Cao: What do you want?

You: Ms. Cao, are you heading out?

Casey Cao: Yes. Do you need something?

You: No, no, I just wanted you to put on more layers because the weather is very cold recently.

Casey Cao: No worries. I'm used to it, but...

Casey Cao: Yeah... someone as young and beautiful as you should be careful.

You: (What's with the look in her eyes? It's so creepy...)

Casey Cao: The heavy snow will cover up any and all sounds...

You: What does that even mean?

Casey Cao: Nothing, let's talk next time. I'm preparing to go shopping.

Lidong Study (After obtaining Luminous Pearl)
Blizzard Villa

Blizzard Villa - Guest Room.png

Casey Cao: What do you want?

You: Ms. Cao, is this the pearl you've been searching for?

The moment you take out the pearl, Ms. Cao's eyes light up.

Casey Cao: Where did you find it!? That's the luminous pearl that I've been searching so long for!

Vyn: Why were you looking for it?

Vyn: In my eyes, it is just ordinary fluorite.

Casey Cao's joyful look dims, and she mumbles for a long time before she speaks again, albeit reluctantly.

Casey Cao: That's not a fluorite. It's the legendary luminous pearl!

You: Luminous pearl? You mean this is the gem that can glow in the dark?

Casey Cao: Yes! Luminous pearls are hard to come by, and this one has an extraordinary history!

Casey Cao: The pearl in your hands is said to have been formed by the first tear shed by Lady Qingnu.

You: Qingnu... you mean the Goddess of Snow in the Yuchen Town legends?

Casey Cao: Yes. When the goddess came to the world and saw the people suffering from a drought, she wept for them...

Casey Cao: The first tear that fell to the world become the luminous pearl.

Casey Cao: The others turned into rain and saved the people from drought.

You feel like your head is in the clouds after hearing her explain.

Casey Cao looks at your puzzled expressions and continues talking.

Casey Cao: Moreover, this luminous pearl has a magical effect.

Vyn: A magical effect?

Casey Cao: It is said that this luminous pearl can protect people from all kinds of diseases and prolong their life...

Casey Cao: A lot of rich people are scrambling to find it! Oh, I can't believe I found it!

You: (But we were the ones who found it...)

Vyn: Calm down and think. If the luminous pearl had such an effect, then why did Mr. Nolan Zeng...

Vyn deliberately elongates the sentence so that Casey Cao would figure out the problem.

Casey Cao: Well...

After hearing what Vyn said, a disappointed expression appears on her face.

But it doesn't take long for that disappointment to turn into shame and anger.

Casey Cao: Oh, I know! You're trying to bluff so you can keep it for yourself!

You: Eh!?

Casey Cao: No, give it to me! I saw it so it's mine!


Casey Cao: *sigh* Even if you don't give it to me, at least let me touch it! Maybe some of it will rub off on me.

Vyn doesn't respond, but there is a hint of amusement in his eyes.

You: Sorry, but I think it will be safer in our possession.

Casey Cao: What if you keep it for yourself?

You: Ms. Cao, rest assured.

You: Once we make contact with the outside world, everything in the villa will be handed over to the police.

Casey Cao: Hmph, all city folk are hypocrites...

Casey Cao: Forget it, I don't want to argue with you.


Debate Details

  • Enemy Name: Casey Cao
  • Turn Limit: 15 turns

Wave 1

Logic card type icon
"I was the one who told you about this, so I should be the one to have it!"
HP: 1400
ATK: 291
DEF: 7500
Intuition card type icon
"Lady Qingnu told me in my dream that this is mine!"
HP: 1400
ATK: 291
DEF: 7500
Empathy card type icon
"Give it to me. I saw it first, so it's mine!"
HP: 1400
ATK: 291
DEF: 7500

Wave 2

Empathy card type icon
"You're wasting it, do you understand me?"
HP: 9800
ATK: 291
DEF: 7500

Layer by Layer icon.png
Layer by Layer
Boosts your Influence by 20% for 3 turns (CD: 3 turns)
Feigning Defeat icon.png
Feigning Defeat
Boosts your Defense by 20% for 3 turns (CD: 3 turns)

Player Counterarguments

These phrases are triggered when a player uses a card. The phrase depends on the attribute of the card selected.

Logic card type icon If it's really a treasure, it needs to be kept safe!

Logic card type icon What a waste. You're the one who doesn't get it!

Intuition card type icon It could be evidence. I can't give it to you!

Empathy card type icon Please cooperate. We are doing this for the greater good!