Villa Courtyard: Ink Study 4 (Tianxing)

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  • Stage Cost: None
  • First Clear Rewards: Holly Stationery icon.pngHolly Stationery x800 (Clear), Btn money s.pngS-Chip x10, Holly Stationery icon.pngHolly Stationery x100 (Silk Pouch)


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Items of interest

  • Clear conditions: Unlock 1 exit mechanism
  • Key: Dragon Pattern Jade icon.pngDragon Pattern Jade
  • Silk Pouches: 1


Villa Courtyard- Ink Study 4 (Tianxing) map.png

Easter Egg note

The "Ex" mark on the map is an easter egg referencing Vyn "Burning Embrace" icon.png Vyn "Burning Embrace"; bring Vyn as your exploration partner for extra dialogue.

Door code guide


This puzzle focuses on finding corresponding values between numbers, flowers, months, the animals of the Chinese Zodiac, the "earthly branches," and the "heavenly stems."

Male lead's half (left):

  • Clue 1: A scroll painting hints at the connection between the months, earthly branches, and heavenly stems.
  • Clue 2: Lists the heavenly stems in order: Jia, Yi, Bing, Ding, Wu, Ji, Geng, Xin, Ren, Gui. It also says these correspond to the numbers 1-10 in order.
  • Clue 3: The two bookshelves, together, correspond the earthly branches to the animals of the Chinese Zodiac:
    • Zi - Rat
    • Chou - Ox
    • Yin - Tiger
    • Mao - Rabbit
    • Chen - Dragon
    • Si - Snake
    • Wu - Horse
    • Wei - Sheep
    • Shen - Monkey
    • You - Rooster
    • Xu - Dog
    • Hai - Pig

MC's half (right):

  • Clue 4: On each of the six desks are two teacups apiece. The cups and the heavenly stems on them are listed in pairs per desk.
    • Pig and Dog: Xin and Geng
    • Rooster and Monkey: Ji and Wu
    • Sheep and Horse: Ding and Bing
    • Dragon and Snake: Jia and Yi
    • Tiger and Rabbit: Ren and Gui
    • Rat and Ox: Geng and Xin
  • Clue 5: A conversation about the guqin reveals associations between flowers and months:
    • Apricot: February
    • Peach Blossom: March
    • Rose: April
    • Lotus: June
    • Chrysanthemum: September
    • Wintersweet: December
  • Clue 6: The wall scroll further hints at the connection between the months, earthly branches, and heavenly stems, and it displays associations between earthly branches and months:
    • Yin: January
    • Mao: February
    • Chen: March
    • Si: April
    • Wu: May
    • Wei: June
    • Shen: July
    • You: August
    • Xu: September
    • Hai: October
    • Zi: November
    • Chou: December
  • Clue 7: Both corner tables must be examined to allow the room's artifact to be appraised. These give the clues "Dragon-shaped," "Scales and Feathers," and "Striking Similarity."
  • Clue 8: The final clue points out the most important entries in the puzzle: Wintersweet, Lotus, Chrysanthemum, and Rose.

Code entry

Hint 1:

The order of links is Flowers -> Months (clue 5) -> Earthly branches (clue 6) -> Zodiac (clue 3) -> Heavenly stems (clue 4) -> Numbers (clue 2).

Hint 2:

Enter the numbers that correspond to the flowers in order of Wintersweet, Lotus, Chrysanthemum, Rose

Complete chart:

Hint 1:

Flower Month Earthly Branch Zodiac Heavenly Stem Number
January Yin Tiger Ren 9
Apricot February Mao Rabbit Gui 10
Peach Blossom March Chen Dragon Jia 1
Rose April Si Snake Yi 2
May Wu Horse Bing 3
Lotus June Wei Sheep Ding 4
July Shen Monkey Wu 5
August You Rooster Ji 6
Chrysanthemum September Xu Dog Geng 7
October Hai Pig Xin 8
November Zi Rat Geng 7
Wintersweet December Chou Ox Xin 8

Final code:


Mechanical Lock

Villa Courtyard- Ink Study 4 (Tianxing) Mechanical Lock.png

The goal in this puzzle is to draw two paths through the grid such that every square is drawn through, the Red "Start" is connected to the Red "End," and the Black "Start" is connected to the Black "End." There are many ways to solve this puzzle; one solution is available above in case of difficulty.

Artifact Appraisal

Villa Courtyard- Ink Study 4 (Tianxing) Appraisal.png

The clues at the "7" markers on the map must be checked before obtaining the marked artifact (Dragon-pattern Jade). These reveal the true artifact has "Scales and feathers" (dotted body and "mane" patterns around its heads) and "Striking similarity" (symmetrical). The correct artifact is above.