The Calm Horizon

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The Calm Horizon Invitation full.png

Featured Character Artem
Release Date 2023-03-13 17:00:00 UTC+9
Purchase during Cozy Couple's Getaway II
On this trip, I want to experience... a different kind of romance with you.
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Interactions[edit source]

Tapping on Artem will have him reply with one of the following:

  • Don't worry about the hiking trip. I will take care of you.
  • Give me your hand... Well, this Far End flower is for you...
  • I heard that the Uyu prays to their gods for blessings with songs and dances. Want to go take a look?
  • I'd love to see you in a sea of flowers... Can you fulfill my wish?
  • The Ksana Twin Towers have stood here unchanged for a few centuries, It's the same... as my love for you.
  • The scenery at Eversea is beautiful. Let's go there for a stroll later.
  • The yakatabune near the Phoenix Feather Island is said to be designed after the cruise ships of the old times.
  • There are natural wonders everywhere, and I simply want to discover them with you...
  • What beautiful scenery am I looking at? Well... I'm looking at you.
  • You want to try the Joycloud pastries? Sure, I heard they are tasty. I look forward to it.