Roses in the Mountain

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Roses in the Mountain Invitation full.png

Featured Character Luke
Release Date 2023-03-13 17:00:00 UTC+9
Purchase during Cozy Couple's Getaway II
On this trip, I want to create more happiness with you.
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Interactions[edit source]

Tapping on Luke will have him reply with one of the following:

  • All 100 dishes in Mushroom Feast are made from mushrooms. Should we try them?
  • Don't move. There's a petal on your head... Let me remove it for you.
  • Empty your mind during gliding. Leave it all to me.
  • I heard that the peach blossom tea and pastries are delicious. Let's try them.
  • I heard that the Vaxi people have a unique style of massage. We should go and experience it.
  • I just want to enjoy watching every sunrise and sunset with you.
  • In ancient times... Will we be the members of the Horse Gang?
  • I've set up the tent. Come take a break in our "little house."
  • What did I wish for? Come closer and I'll let you know.
  • When we reach the Wetland Park, I will take charge of the boat. Your job is to enjoy the scenery!