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"It seems like I cannot rely on the police to get to the truth."


Gender Male
Age (when met) 28
Occupation Food and Beverage Supervisor, Green Island Hotel

Voice Actors


沈达威 (Shěn Dáwēi)[1]




Name in Other Language(s)

Chinese 赵飞 (Zhào Fēi)

Japanese 飛田 歩 (Hida Ayumu)

Korean 조민우

General[edit | edit source]

Jovi Vance is a Food & Beverage Supervisor at Green Island Hotel, a former astrophotographer, and brother to the deceased Naomi Anderson.

Jovi's parents divorced when he was 10; Jovi chose to live with his father, separating from his mother and sister. Despite living apart, Jovi insists that he knew Naomi extremely well, with his sister turning to him with matters she felt uncomfortable bringing to her mother. Jovi was upset enough by Naomi's death that he withholds key evidence--a Heirson warehouse shipping and receiving ledger--from the NXX Investigation Team in return for an investigation into its circumstances.[2]

Further investigation into Jovi reveals his ties to Heirson Health Products are suspiciously complex: Jovi's father is on a list of Heirson employees who died on the company's production line, Jovi received a final package from Simon Bloodworth--the above-mentioned ledger--before Simon's disappearance, and Tyson Turner frequently ate at Jovi's place of work in the month before he fell ill with acute gastric cancer.[3]

Story[edit | edit source]

After the truth of his sister's death came to light, Jovi realized he was under surveillance and emptied his apartment of personal effects, going into hiding with fellow Anti-Heirson Mutual Aid Group member Elena White. He left only half of his evidence behind in hopes the NXX Investigation Team would seek him out for the other half; among the part he left was a confession that Simon's final package had included not only the ledger, but video evidence and a sample of the toxic substance. Instead of bringing the evidence to light when Simon disappeared as he requested, Jovi confessed that he used the sample to poison Tyson Turner. When he was located with Elena later, he handed over the rest of the evidence, completing the chain of evidence showing the toxic components moving through Heirson's inventory. He then turned himself in to the police for the poisoning of Tyson Turner.[4][5][6]

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