Contract Disputes II Case: Seller

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Contract Dispute: Andy purchased 10 computers at a 30% discount at an online shop. The seller confirmed the order and shipped it, but Andy still hadn't received the computers half a month later. He contacted the seller, demanding the computers, but was refused on grounds that it was a system error. Thus, Andy sued the online shop. Currently, the case has gone through the court of the first instance. Talk to the seller.
  • Stage Cost: AP icon.png AP x10
  • First Clear Rewards: None

  • Attribute: Logic card type icon Logic
  • Recommended Power: 21661

Stage Drops

Special Report icon.pngSpecial Report

Stage Details

  • Enemy Name: Seller
  • Turn Limit: 15 turns

Wave 1

Logic card type icon
"The price can't be this low. It's obviously a human error!"
HP: 16900
ATK: 451
DEF: 7500

Empathy Defense Buff icon.png
Empathy Defense Buff
Boosts your Empathy Defense by 5000% for 30 turns (CD: 15 turns)

Player Counterarguments

These phrases are triggered when a player uses a card. The phrase depends on the attribute of the card selected.

Logic card type icon The evidence shows that you're just trying to beef up the sales numbers.

Logic card type icon You have committed fraud.

Empathy card type icon You're well aware of whether it was an operational error.

Empathy card type icon I suggest you apologize while you still have the chance.

Intuition card type icon Honesty is the most important quality of any business owner.

Intuition card type icon You have nothing to gain if this is taken to court.