Artem's Story 03-04

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A person was selling suspicious health care products in front of a rest home.
  • Stage Cost: AP icon.png AP x10
  • First Clear Rewards: Btn money s.pngS-Chip x20

  • Unlock Condition: Artem Affection Level 20
  • Attribute: Logic card type icon Logic
  • Recommended Power: 38833

Stage Drops

Btn coin s.pngStellin

Stage Details

  • Enemy Name: Sales Swindler
  • Turn Limit: 15 turns

Wave 1

Logic card type icon
"You haven't tried my products before. Who are you to say that my products are fake?"
HP: 5700
ATK: 477
DEF: 7500
Empathy card type icon
"My goods are imported from overseas, so of course there's no local certification mark."
HP: 5700
ATK: 477
DEF: 7500
Intuition card type icon
"I'm not doing this for the money. I'm doing this for the benefit of the public!"
HP: 5700
ATK: 477
DEF: 7500

Wave 2

Logic card type icon
"The reason the elderly people are so healthy is that they are taking my products!"
HP: 22750
ATK: 477
DEF: 7500

Player Counterarguments

These phrases are triggered when a player uses a card. The phrase depends on the attribute of the card selected.

Logic card type icon The police will be here soon. Explain things to them!

Logic card type icon You're defrauding people. You'll be punished by the law!

Empathy card type icon Resorting to fallacies? Are you feeling guilty?

Empathy card type icon Everyone has the duty to put a stop to illegal activities!

Empathy card type icon Selling items like this. How do you face your conscience!?

Intuition card type icon There's no use explaining. Save that for the police station!

Intuition card type icon Do you even dare to eat the stuff you're selling?

Debate Stage/Opponent

(Debate Stage)
Stellis - Misc Venue (Day).png
Sales Swindler

Boss 2 character icon.png