Anomaly Level 01-12

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Anomaly Investigation
  • Stage Cost: AP icon.png AP x15
  • First Clear Rewards: Btn money s.pngS-Chip x40

  • Attribute: Logic card type icon Logic
  • Recommended Power: 6100

Stage Drops

Equalization Chip II icon.png Equalization Chip II x1 (43.046%)
Btn coin s.pngStellin x1200 (100%)
Tablet icon.png Tablet x1 (56.954%)

Stage Details

  • Enemy Name: Shady Shopkeep
  • Turn Limit: 15 turns

Wave 1

Empathy card type icon
"Complain if you want! You think I'm scared?"
HP: 550
ATK: 104
DEF: 7500
Intuition card type icon
"If you're going to file a complaint, then do it. Cut the crap."
HP: 550
ATK: 104
DEF: 7500
Intuition card type icon
"Even if you file a complaint, nobody will care."
HP: 550
ATK: 104
DEF: 7500

Wave 2

Logic card type icon
"The soup costs extra, else you can eat the noodles dry."
HP: 3050
ATK: 104
DEF: 7500

Player Counterarguments

These phrases are triggered when a player uses a card. The phrase depends on the attribute of the card selected.

Logic card type icon This is false advertising to extort sales!

Logic card type icon Reserving the right to final interpretation is an unfair clause!

Empathy card type icon I'm reporting your deceptive consumer practices.

Empathy card type icon I already reported your shady business practices!

Empathy card type icon Businesses must abide by laws, honest practices, and fair competition.

Intuition card type icon Who gave you the courage to be this arrogant?

Intuition card type icon I don't believe that anyone could tolerate such behavior!